“Broken hearts are made for two… 

… one for me and one for you.”

Exposing one’s flaws and underachievements to someone else is one of the most terrifying experiences any social being can come across. It’s funny (and a bit ridiculous) considering the whole spectrum of our lives and of what we’ve been through and then thinking that something as simple as an increased heart rate can render us helpless.

And no matter how much our cynical inner selves try to render that set of physiological conditions useless, meaningless, depriving it of its inherent poetic nature, failure is inevitable.

The most skeptical of us will say love is either non-existent or simply just not the odyssey-like poetic experience that many claim it is. But there is no denying the stupidity of the feelings that gaunt us when we find ourselves, against our will, surrendering to it.

And then, of course, the rational mind predicts the heartbreak. The foreseen disappointment that overshadows us, our fears of rejection and non-acceptance.

For all of the above, finding a song that so realistically claims from the start “broken hearts are made for two, one for me and one for you” makes it all the more incredible.
I’m in love with music. 

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