We project what we hope.

And we hope for familiarity in the reflections we find of the world around us. Logic then dictates that our projected emotions and feelings correspond with the same emotional attitudes that we want to see reciprocated towards us.

Emotional trauma ensues.

And irony follows, as we try to handle disappointment with the exact same emotional resources that led us to believe that the world and its people would be a different place.

So we drift.

We desperately cling to the notion that there is a solution to our short-sightedness in the next challenge we encounter. And so, we rebuild ourselves, all new, all better, all stronger. “We have learned something from our past”, we tell ourselves.

And returning home, I see my projections did not come true, nor will they ever. But drifting through the world with a heart between our hands is either the most beautiful whisper of purity, or the most radical sign of stupid insanity.

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